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A personal trainer assesses, trains and supervises those wishing to get fit, delivering exercise programmes, and tailoring these programmes to the specific client and their individual conditions and requirements.

People’s perceptions of beauty have changed over the years. Go back to Renaissance times and the ‘beautiful’ woman was voluptuous, with curves and doe-eyes while men wore tights and hats with feathers.

Not all that long ago and beauty was a rail-thin girl teetering down the catwalk, large black circles under her eyes, and men all imitated Don Johnson in his Miami Vice era. Nowadays, ‘healthy’ is the new beautiful. With that, there’s been a huge push for personal trainers.

A personal trainer will carry knowledge about a variety of fitness topics. This all works towards assisting their clients lead a healthy lifestyle – not necessarily to “get skinny” or “get ripped”. They exemplify the ‘personal’ part of their moniker.

A personal trainer studies to obtain a certificate in fitness, attending classes (or completing them online) for up to a year, before being mentored by a personal trainer with the appropriate experience. This enables them to work in a variety of industries and fields, from gyms to health spas and cruise ships. They can open their own mobile fitness group or work in a studio. As a practitioner in the fitness industry, they must have a love for fitness – and liking people doesn’t hurt.

A personal trainer will work closely with you to:

  • Boost your motivation
  • Teach you the correct way to do things
  • Create a bespoke programme
  • Get you moving, in the fresh air (sometimes) and feeling good about yourself

A great personal trainer will listen to your requirements and goals, take a detailed history and design a plan to suit you and not only what you’re capable of, but what you’ll actually stick to. Find one you get along with and who will suit your style of training, otherwise your good money will be spent on a chore you’re less likely to keep up with.

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