About Whitecoat

Our vision is to improve the choice, transparency and well-being of the healthcare of our fellow Australians.

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About Whitecoat
About Whitecoat

Australia's most comprehensive healthcare provider directory.

Since we launched in 2013, over 15 million Australians have already taken advantage of our platform. Our network of healthcare providers is growing rapidly every day, with over 325,000 listed across Australia, with over 120 different provider types. So whether youu2019re looking for a dentist in Dandenong or a Chiropractor in Cootamundra, weu2019ve got you covered.


Weu2019re aiming for Whitecoat to be the largest directory of its kind in the world. Weu2019re looking to promote the best aspects of healthcare and do so with provider engagement and support. We are very confident that Whitecoat will allow many providers to have a voice in their community and allow many Australians to make better and more informed healthcare decisions.

200000 +

Healthcare providers listed on the Whitecoat platform
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Healthcare specialities to choose from on Whitecoat
Our Partners, Integrations & Accreditations

Whitecoat is an independently managed business, working closely with our shareholders and strategic partners: nib, Bupa, CBHS and Commonwealth Bank

Our relationship with nib, Bupa and CBHS allows us to improve patient experience and help their members find the best healthcare for their needs.

Our strategic partnership with Commonwealth Bank is aimed to improve the way people pay and claim for their healthcare. You’ll be able to find out more soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Whitecoat?

    Whitecoat is Australia’s largest healthcare provider directory. Thousands of patients use Whitecoat every week to find a local healthcare provider. We’d like to encourage you to claim your Whitecoat profile so these patients can learn more about you and the services you provide.

  • What does Whitecoat offer?

    Whitecoat offers you the opportunity to promote your business and services to an engaged and sizable audience. It’s particularly useful for people who have moved to a new area or need treatment for a service for the first time.

    • Let patients learn more about you and the services you provide by completing your biography and business details
    • Get feedback from patients in the form of star-ratings and customer reviews
    • Take advantage of a cost effective 24/7 online booking option
  • How are written reviews monitored?

    Written reviews allow customers to provide more personalised feedback regarding their customer service experience. This may help other customers using Whitecoat to make more informed decisions when choosing a healthcare provider.

    Prior to publication, all written reviews submitted by customers are reviewed by the Whitecoat team against our Moderation Guidelines. This ensures written reviews are fair and balanced, not clinical and prevents sensitive, offensive or defamatory written reviews from being posted.

    Written reviews published on Whitecoat are unedited and posted in full. If a section of a review is deemed inappropriate based on the Moderation Guidelines, the entire written review will not be published at all. The overall star rating will be published.

    As a provider, you can report a written review that you would like to have removed and the Whitecoat Team will review all disputed comments. Comments will only be removed if they fail the moderation guidelines. Providers can publicly respond to individual reviews by logging into their Provider Portal. Responses also undergo moderation. The public can also report written reviews as being inappropriate. Any review reported by the public will be re-moderated by the Whitecoat Team and if it is found to be inappropriate it will be removed.

  • How does Whitecoat’s Search algorithm work?

    There are 3 possible ways to conduct a search on Whitecoat, they are outlined below:

    Use case 1 - "My Location"
    My Location search attempts to get at least the closest 50 results to your current location. Results that are close by are sorted by overall rating. After that, further results are added in order of distance from you.

    Use case 2 - "Selected Suburb/postcode"
    When you pick a suburb from the list, it gets all the results geo-located in, or close to, the selected suburb. Results that are close by (in or around your suburb) are sorted by overall rating. After that, further results are added in order of distance from that suburb.

    Use case 3 - "Free Text Search"
    When you type in some search text and don’t pick a suburb from the list, it will search several fields of information for that text, including the suburb name. For example, ‘Sydney’ will return people and businesses with that in their name as well as those whose suburb name is Sydney. This does not use geo-location at all. They are ordered by overall rating.

  • How are the search results ordered?

    The results that match the search criteria will be displayed in the following default order:

    1. Provider completing their profile
    2. Online appointment system activated for easy patient bookings
    3. Most reviews
    4. Average Rating
  • I received an SMS from Whitecoat (0488 874 842) - is this legit?

    Yes this is a legitimate SMS from Whitecoat and our partners, and it is not a scam.

    On behalf of our partners at Bupa, nib and CBHS, we send out SMS and email survey requests on a daily basis to their members. By doing this, we want to help other patients make better, more informed decisions when it comes to their health.

    The SMS can vary from time to time, depending on which promotion we are currently, but the SMS content will be similar to the below:

    For Bupa members:
    SMS from: Whitecoat
    Hi from Bupa Tell us about your recent healthcare visit for your chance to win up to $1000 http://wcoat.co/UNIQUEID Opt-Out: STOP to 0488874842

    For nib members:
    From: nib
    Hi from nib Tell us about your recent healthcare visit for your chance to win up to $1000 http://wcoat.co/UNIQUEID Opt-Out: STOP to 0488874842

    For CBHS members:
    From: CBHS
    Tell us about your recent healthcare visit for a chance to win $1000 - CBHS Health Fund & Whitecoat http://wcoat.co/UNIQUEID Opt-Out: STOP to 0488874842

  • Are there paid practitioner results surfaced in search results?

    Searches performed on the Whitecoat Healthcare Directory website may return paid for preferred provider links at the top of the page along with the search results.

  • Where are the Ratings and Reviews?

    Ratings and reviews have been removed from the Whitecoat Healthcare Directory while CBA reviews this functionality.

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