Whitecoat Pro FAQs

Learn more about MyWhitecoat and how we can improve the way you manage your healthcare. Read our frequently asked questions to find out more.

  • What is Whitecoat Pro?

    Whitecoat Pro is a mobile app that enables healthcare professionals to process private insurance claims and gap payments for their patients via their mobile device. It works with the companion app for patients, MyWhitecoat.

    Whitecoat Pro can also be used to process app-to-app payments, where there is no private health insurance claim as part of the transaction.

  • What are the benefits of Whitecoat Pro for healthcare professionals?
    • Quick and easy set up via the Whitecoat Merchant Portal. Practitioners can be set up and ready to process patient private health insurance claims and payments within 72 hours.
    • Payments settled into your account the following day
    • Improve the patient experience. Patients can pay and claim instantly using the MyWhitecoat app, eliminating the need for manual claims. Digital receipts make record keeping simple.
    • Supports telehealth claims that are approved by participating private health insurers
    • Cost-effective unlimited transactions for a flat monthly/annual fee
    • Simple reporting and reconciliation. Save time and money wasted on admin. The Whitecoat Merchant Portal simplifies reporting and reconciliation of payments and claims.
    • Become a favourite. Patients can save you as a favourite for ease of future booking
    • Local support - We are invested in your success and are here to help onboard youDigital security and anti-fraud measures means there’s less opportunity for failure
  • Does Whitecoat Pro support Telehealth

    Claims available for Telehealth are approved by private health insurers on an individual basis. If a claim type is approved for telehealth by one of our participating funds, practitioners can process those claim types using Whitecoat Pro.

  • Why do I need to verify my email address?

    In order to proceed to the registration process, we need you to secure your account by verifying your email address.

    This is an extra security measure ensuring only you can access your account.

  • Why do you need my Bank Account details?

    Your bank account is required so we can pay you for the transactions you have processed via the Whitecoat Pro app.

  • Why do you need my Medicare Provider Number/Medibank Private provider number?

    Your Medicare Provider Number/Medibank Private Provider Number is required in order to verify you are a medical practitioner and to verify your location as part of our security measures.

  • What is the difference between a Medicare provider number and a Medibank Private provider number?

    Depending on the health specialty you are practicing or registering for, you’ll need to provide us with the official document that proves your registration. 

    The Medicare Australia Provider (MPN) letter is required for the following modalities/service types: Chiropractors, Dietitians, Dentists, Dental Prosthetists, Optometrists, Optical Dispensers, Occupational Therapists, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Psychologists, Speech Pathologists & Exercise Physiologists.

    Medibank Private Provider (MPP) letter is required for modalities/service types: Naturopaths, Remedial Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists and Myotherapists

  • Where can I update my details?

    If you need to add or update any of your practitioner or practice details, you can do this via the Whitecoat Merchant Portal

  • How do I create a new payment?
    1. To set up your invoice in Whitecoat Pro, you’ll need to select what type of transaction this is. You can use Stock if you don’t want to process a health fund rebate. 
    2. You can then look up your patient from your contacts or add their mobile number.
    3. After selecting a patient, you can look up the item number if performing a private health fund or Medicare claim, and add the cost, body part and date of service.
    4. After creating your invoice, you can then Request Payment from your patient, who’ll need to approve through their MyWhitecoat app.
  • How do I process a private health insurance claim?

    When you have finished providing the service that is eligible for private health insurance claiming, and the patient has set up the MyWhitecoat app, select them as a patient by searching for their mobile number in Whitecoat Pro then raise an Allied Claim (please refer to earlier section on “How do I create a new payment?”). This will communicate with their nominated health insurer and calculate the rebate and gap amounts.

    They will receive a notification to their MyWhitecoat app after you raise the invoice for them to approve or reject this claim. If the patient does not have the MyWhitecoat app, you can invite them using Whitecoat Pro.

    All health insurance claims are processed behind the scenes by us, so you and your patients don’t have to deal with all the paperwork.

  • How do I get paid for the services I perform?

    When you make a claim through the Whitecoat Pro app and your patient approves it via the MyWhitecoat app, we deal with the payment processing to ensure that you get paid quickly and seamlessly. 

    We ensure the claim is processed from the health fund and that the money, including the gap payment, is transferred to your registered account. 

    We also send you a notification when the payment has been approved to let you know that it has all been taken care of.

  • Does the patient get a receipt?

    Yes! Digital receipts are stored securely in the MyWhitecoat app.

  • Does the patient need to sign a declaration or receipt to assign their health insurance benefits?

    We want the healthcare journey to be quick and paperless, so your patients will no longer need to sign any physical receipts. Instead, this will be done in the app.

    When a payment request is made, your patient will be asked to approve or reject this and will be given a declaration to read. By approving the payment and claim, your patient approves and digitally signs this declaration.

  • What is a claim cancellation

    A cancellation transaction will reverse the outcome of a claim and is triggered by a Provider at the patient’s request. 

    This reversal will occur if the patient wishes to reverse the claim after having initially accepted the assessment result.

    You will be able to select the transaction to cancel on behalf of the patient, which is accomplished by selecting the target transaction from a list of transactions in the ‘Your History’ Section and choosing the ‘Full Refund & Claim Cancellation’ option from the ‘Payment Options’.

  • When can I cancel a payment or claim

    Whitecoat Pro allows you to cancel a payment or claim that has been made through your device. Cancellations must be made on the same day of service. Any attempt of cancellation outside of this time period will not be accepted.

  • Can I split a payment and claim when doing a cancellation?

    You cannot split a payment from a claim for a cancellation in a Card-Not-Present transaction situation. The whole amount must be rolled back for the line item of the transaction.

  • What happens if the payment doesn’t go through?

    If for any reason the payment does not go through, you will receive an instant notification in the app which will give you a reason for rejection if the reason is known and will ask you to cancel or try again.

    If the payment can’t be processed through the app, you can recommend alternatives, such as a cash or alternative card payment.

  • How do I view my payments and transaction history?

    Within the app, you can see a secure record of all of your past healthcare claims and payments processed through Whitecoat Pro. You can view these in several ways:

    • From the home screen click on Transactions or
    • Select History from the bottom menu

    You’ll be able to search the list and open each claim to find more details, including the total paid, the cost of the invoice along with the patient’s details. No-one except you will be able to access this information. 

    From these listings, you can also process refunds and claim cancellations on the same day, by selecting Full Refund & Claim Cancellation from the Payment Options on the target claim.

  • Can I invite my patients?

    Let your patients know about MyWhitecoat so that they can use the app to search, book, review and pay and claim for their healthcare when they visit your practice. 

    To join MyWhitecoat, all they need to do is download the app from the App Store or Google Play and register their details to get started.

  • Where can I access the terms and conditions of the app?

    You can access the app terms and conditions from the Settings menu, labelled ‘More’. 

    For iOS:

    This is located at the bottom right of the app menu. 

    For Android:

    This is located at the top left of the app

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